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Journal Publications
Journal Publications


         Mowrer, J., Dembele, G., Strzelec, A., Thapa, B., 2022,“Amending Soil with Biochar 

         from Available Agricultural Wastes to Improve Sustainability of Cotton Production in Mali” Agrosystems, Geosciences            & Envinronment DOI: 10.1002/agg2.20298


         Taoudi, A., Haque, M.S, M.S, Luo, C., Follett, R. and Strzelec, A.” Design and Optimization of a mild Hybrid Electric    

         Vehicle with Energy Efficient Longitudinal Control” SAE Int. J. Elec. Vehicles, 2021


         P. Yang, M. Pate, and A. Strzelec,“Gasoline Particulate Filter Substrate Heterogeneity Effects on Its Performance,” SAE            Int. J. Engines 13(1):2020, doi:10.4271/03-13-01-0004.


         P. Yang and A. Strzelec, "Numerical Study of Pore Size and Distribution Effects on Gasoline Particulate Filter      

         Performance," SAE Int. J. Engines 12(5):2019, dos:10.4271/03-12-05-0032. 

         P. Yang, M. Pate, and A. Strzelec, “Throat Unit Collector Modeling of Gasoline Particulate Filter Performance,” SAE                Int. J. Engines 12(4):2019, doi:10.4271/03-12-04-0028.


        J. Gong, M. Stewart, A. Zelenyuk, A. Strzelec, S. Viswanathan, D. Rothamer, D.E. Foster, C.J. Rutland, K.

        Narayanaswamy “Particulate Filters (GPFs): Inhomogeneous Porosity and Pore Size Distribution” Chemical Engineering

        Journal 2018, 338, 15-26.

        X. Huang, N. Ivanova, A. Strzelec & N. Zacharia “Assembly of Large Area Crack Free Clay Porous Films” RSC    

       Advances, 2018, 8, 1001-1004


         A. Strzelec, R. L. Vander Wal, T.J. Toops & C.S. Daw “Nanostructure and Burning Mode of Light Duty Diesel            

         Particulate with Conventional Diesel, Biodiesel and Intermediate Blends” – IJER Special Edition on Diesel Soot, 2017,

         1-12. DOI:10.1177/1468087416674414


A. Strzelec, R. Vander Wal, T. Thompson, T. Toops, C.S.Daw ”NO2 Oxidation Reactivity and Burning Mode of Diesel Particulates” Topics in Catalysis, 2016, 59,  686-694.


Toops, Bilheux, Voisin, Gregor, Walker, Strzelec, Finney, Pihl, Schillinger, & Schulz, "Neutron Tomography of Particulate Filters: a non-destructive investigation tool for applied and industrial research", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A 729 (2013) 581-588.

 Strzelec, A. Toops, T.J. & Daw, C.S. “Oxygen Reactivity of Devolatilized Diesel Engine Particulates from Conventional and Biodiesel Fuels”. Energy & Fuels, 2013 (27) 3944-3951.

Vander Wal, Strzelec, Toops & Daw “Forensics of Soot: C5-Related Nanostructure as a Diagnostic of In-Cylinder Chemistry". Fuel 2013 (113) 522-526.


Cairo, C.W., Strzelec, A., Murphy, R.M. and Kiessling, L. Development of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Binding Assay for Predicting Beta-Amyloid Inhibitor Proficiency. Biochemistry, 41, 8620-8629, 2002.


Lowe, T.L., Strzelec, A., Kiessling, L. and Murphy, R.M. Structure-Function Relationships for Inhibitors of Beta-Amyloid Toxicity Containing the Recognition Sequence KLVFF. Biochemistry, 40, 7882-7889, 2001.

Technical Publications


       Taoudi, A., Haque, M.S, and Strzelec, A. ”Design of a Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle with CAVs Capability for the MaaS             Market” SAE 2020-01-1437


        Porter, Q. and Strzelec, A., "Benchtop Investigation of Filtration Efficiency and Pressure Drop Behavior of Commercial

        High Porosity Gasoline Particulate Filters" SAE 2019-01-0054


        Sheppard, J., Yang, P., and Strzelec, A., "Experimentation & Modeling of GDI-sized Particulate Filtration and Pressure

        Drop Behavior in Uncoated Commercial DPFs" SAE 2019-01-0052        



Jacobs, T. J., & Strzelec, A., & Froyd, J. E. (2016, June), "Improvement in Second-Law Concept Retention in Students Taking Redesigned Entropy-Centered FTC" Paper presented at 2016 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, New Orleans, Louisiana. 10.18260/p.25604


Vander Wal, Strzelec, Toops & Daw “Forensics of Soot: Nanostructure as a Diagnostic of In-Cylinder Chemistry" Proceedings of the Spring Technical Meeting of the Central States Section of the Combustion Institute


Strzelec, A., Toops, T. J. and Daw, C. S. "Impact of Biodiesel on the Oxidation Kinetics and Morphology of Diesel Particulate." Proceedings of the 7th US National Technical Meeting of the Combustion Institute, Atlanta, GA.


Strzelec, A., Toops, T.J., Daw, C.S., Foster, D.E. and Rutland, C.J. "Diesel Particulate Oxidation Model: Combined Effects of Volatile and Fixed Carbon Combustion." SAE 2010-01-2127

Strzelec, A., Lewis, S.A., Storey, J.M., Daw, C.S., Foster, D.E. and Rutland, C.J. "Effects of Trans-Esterified Soy Oil Biodiesel Blending on Emissions from a Modern Light Duty Diesel Engine." SAE 2010-01-1273.

Strzelec, A., Toops, T.J., Daw, C.S., Foster, D.E. and Rutland, C.J. "Kinetic Model Development for the Combustion of Particulate Matter from Conventional and Soy Methyl Ester Diesel Fuels." Spring Technical Meeting of the Central States Section of the Combustion Institute


Strzelec, A., Bilheux, H.N., Finney, C.E., Daw, C.S., Foster, D.E., Rutland, C.J., Schillinger, B. and Schulz, M. "Neutron Imaging of Diesel Particulate Filters" SAE 2009-01-2735.


Strzelec, A., Toops, T.J., Daw, C.S., Foster, D.E. and Rutland, C.J. "Impact of biofuel blending on diesel doot oxidation characteristics: Implications for aftertreatment catalysts" AMER CHEMICAL SOC V237


Hoard, John, Julia Giuliano, Dan Styles, Scott Sluder, John Storey, Sam Lewis, Andrea Strzelec, and Michael Lance. "EGR Catalyst for Cooler Fouling Reduction." In Diesel Engine Efficiency and Emissions Research Conference. 2007


Strzelec, A., Rutland, C.J., Foster, D.E. and He, Y. "Development of a System-Level Soot-NOx trap Aftertreatment Device Model." SAE 2006-01-3287.


Kapparos, D. J., Brahama, I., Strzelec, A., Rutland, C.J. and Foster, D.E. "Integration of Diesel Engine, Exhaust System, Engine Emissions and Aftertreatment Device Models." SAE 2005-01-0947.


September 2020 

Kasab, J.J. and Strzelec, A.  Automotive Emissions Regulations and Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems Published by SAE International with a Product Code of R-477, and ISBN of 978-0-7680-9422-0, 445 pages 

Academic Publications 


Strzelec, A. Kinetic Model Development for the Combustion of Particulate Matter from Conventional and Soy Methyl Ester Diesel Fuels.  Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009.


Strzelec, A. Development of a System Level Four Way Catalyst Aftertreatment Model. Masters Thesis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2006.

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