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University of Wisconsin Classes

EPD 624: Engine Performance & Combustion

EPD 642: Thermodynamics for Engine Systems

EPD 635: Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems

EPD 361: Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

EPD 363: Fluid Dynamics

Professional Development Shortcourses:

Diesel Aftertreatment Systems

Gasoline Aftertreatment Systems


Whizzleman Media

SPACE-X Hyperloop Pod Design Competition

Mississippi State University Classes

ME 4543/6543: Internal Combustion Engines

ME 4193/6193: Automotive Engineering

Texas A&M University Classes

MEEN 315: Principles of Thermodynamics

ENGR/MEEN 401:Senior Capstone Design: Hyperloop

MEEN 421: Thermal Fluids Analysis & Design

MEEN 461: Heat Transfer

ENGR 482: Engineering Ethics (Study Abroad)

MEEN 615: Advanced Thermodynamics

MEEN 633: Combustion Science

ENGR 401 Senior Capstone Design Team Hullabaloop (advised by Drs. Strzelec & Schneider) competed at the Space-X Hyperloop Design Weekend January 29-30, 2016

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