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Summer is a hot time for progress

It has been a very busy summer in the CRCL! Lots going on:

1. PhD student Pengze Yang went to Ford Motor Company for a summer internship.

2. Masters students Colton Barnes and Marco Martinez both successfully defended their MS theses on 6/12. Both of them are currently still working in the lab, finishing to polish research papers (2 each!) and looking for full time jobs.

3. Masters student Quinton Porter is toiling away in the laboratory, measuring the filtration efficiency of GPFs for variable particle sizes.

Undergraduate researcher Wilson Stefan joined the laboratory to work on the Chevron Soils project.

4. TAMU MEEN undergraduates, led by MS graduate Colton Barnes just completed testing with Emissol and EcoPhysics on their capstone senior design project. Those were some long, hot days out at the TTI Air Quality and Emissions Facility on the RELLIS campus.

And we are only half-way! Check back for more updates from the Summer of Progress!

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