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CRCL welcomes Borlaug Fellow Ginette Dembele

The CRCL is proud to be a collaborator in Malian researcher Ginette Dembele's Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture Fellowship at Texas A&M University. This project represents a collaboration with Dr. Jake Mowrer in Soil & Crop Sciences and Dr. David Staack in Mechanical Engineering and the CRCL. Ginette will be at Texas A&M for 12 weeks working on Biochar Production Approaches to Improve Cotton Yields for Mali. The CRCL will be helping Ginette develop a process for the production of biochar that meets the qualities of optimized economics, environmental benefit, and improvement to soil fertility and crop yields. She will work with Dr. Mowrer to perform greenhouse experiments using cotton grown in soils amended with various biochar products to evaluate the effect on early rooting development (7 week) as an indicator of potential crop benefit. We are really glad to welcome Ginette and help with her work!

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