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Current Graduate Students

JT Kerr (Graduate student, MSU)

Pengze Yang (PhD student, TAMU) is working on Particulate Filtration Modeling (CFD). Pengze successfully passed his preliminary exam in Spring 2018 and is working toward completing his dissertation. He completed an internship at Ford in summer 2017 and is on internship at Cummins Engine Company in Columbus, IA in summer 2018.

Guan Huang (PhD student, TAMU) is developing simulations to investigate methods of decreasing the energy & water usage of refrigeration systems. Guan successfully passed his preliminary exam in Spring 2018 and is working towards completing his dissertation at ESL.

TAMU Alumni

Dr. Xiayun "Sherry" Huang  

Ph.D. 2014, now faculty at Fudan University, Shanghai

Jessica (White) Sheppard 

M.S. 2014

Thomas Thompson

M.S. 2016, now at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Colton Barnes (M.S. 2017) investigated the reactivity of particulate from Gasoline Direct Injection and the impact of ethanol blending.

Marco Martinez (M.S. 2017) characterized remediation methods for heavy-hydrocarbon impacted soil.

Quinton Porter (M.S. 2018) worked on Size-Dependent Filtration Experiments for GPFs

8/11/17 Colton Barnes & Marco Martinez graduate with MS degrees!

Visiting Researchers 

Adrian Ramirez (UT-EP), Summer 2014 

NSF REU: Filtration Studies

Shivam Patel (IIT-Kanpur) Summer 2014 Exchange Student: Microreactor Control System Design

Prasoon Suchandra (IIT-Kanpur), Summer 2013 Exchange Student: Microreactor


Carlos Lopez (UT-EP), Summer 2013  

NSF REU: Filtration Studies

Previous Researchers 

Carleton Vangsness, 2015

Graduate Researcher,

Entrepreneurial Lead for NSF ICORPS 523

Brian Musselwhite, 2016

Entrepreneurial Lead for NSF ICORPS Team 632. 

Justin Nitz, 2013-2015

Graduate Researcher,

Solid Works Modeling and Fabrication of the Microreactor 

Undergrad Researchers 

Wilson Stefan, 2017 

Undergraduate Researcher, Chevron Soils Project

Aaron Catlin, 2016 Undergraduate Researcher,

Directed Studies: TTI Shed Modeling Project

Jessica Gallegos, 2014

Undergraduate Researcher, Directed Studies: Reactivity of Printex-U

Jared Marshall, 2014

Undergraduate Researcher Directed Studies: Bench Reactor Design

Evan Baker Summer 2014, Undergraduate Researcher

Directed Studies: Microreactor Design Assistance

Sydney Williams Spring 2013

Undergraduate Researcher

Harley May 2012-2013

Undergraduate Researcher

Zach Henderson 2012-2013

Undergraduate Researcher

Matthew Gallian 2012-2013

Undergraduate Researcher

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